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Frequently Asked Questions
Is therapy right for me?

People seek out therapy for a wide variety of reasons including anxiety, feelings of sadness, unexpected life changes, work-related issues, relationship problems, conflict with family, etc....

Therapy offers people the opportunity to take responsibility for their lives, as well as create self-awareness, while working toward goals. At Care Counseling, we have a variety of clinicians with different expertise and experience to ensure you find a helping professional who is the right fit for you.

Is everything I talk about in session private and confidential?

Everything you share in session is confidential with four exceptions that are mandated by law:

​ 1. If the client may be an immediate danger to themselves or others
2. If the client is endangering a population that cannot protect itself, such as the case of a child or elder abuse
3. To share diagnosis information as necessary to obtain payment for services
4. As required by federal or state laws

​Please note if you are a minor and under the age of 18, you will need permission from an adult to attend therapy.

Limits of confidentiality will once again be discussed before therapy. Furthermore, any questions or concerns that you may have with regards to confidentiality can be further explored.

How long does therapy last?

Your time is valuable. Therefore, we at Care Counseling favor the use of techniques that are empowering, efficient, solution-oriented, as well as cost-effective. The benefit of a practitioner who uses tailored treatment strategies is that the pace of therapy can be customized to your individual goals and needs.


What qualifications do you have at Care Counseling?

​All clinicians that work at Care Counseling are at a minimum, state licensed. Dr. Schacter, the founder and CEO is a dually licensed Psychotherapist in the state of Florida. She has earned a Mental Health Counseling License as well as a Marriage and Family Therapy License. Additionally, she holds a license to practice psychotherapy in the state of New York as a licensed Mental Health Counselor. Dr. Schacter is also an approved Supervisor in the state of Florida. She is currently licensed to supervise Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists who wish to seek licensure in the state of Florida. She is furthermore an AAMFT approved supervisor (id:143863)

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