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Integrating Technology in Therapy

At Care Counseling, we are sensitive to the constraints which make it difficult for individuals to receive help. Furthermore, we are very passionate about increasing access for those in need and believe that technology and telehealth can help to accomplish that.   

We have demanding jobs with busy schedules and lives full of responsibilities. The lack of time and other issues this creates can easily prevent us from going into a therapy office. Online counseling efficiently bridges that gap and effectively mitigates those real world barriers to people getting the help they need. Technology assists potential clients by making it easy to receive immediate information, support, and treatment.

This Type of Therapy May Be Useful To:

  • Couples with different work schedules

  • Family members who might be traveling or don’t have the means of transport to physically attend a session.

  • Individuals with disabilities unable to drive or attend a scheduled session

  • Clients who feel more comfortable and safe in their own familiar space 

  • Individuals who need immediate feedback and guidance

  • Adolescents who gravitate toward technology based forms of communication

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